Delitaliana Spanish Saffron Powder 1.5-Gram Box Category I Superior Quality, 15 x 0.100-Gram Tubes



Make your everyday dish a gourmet delight with this wonderfully aromatic spice.

Spanish Saffron Powder enriches a wide variety of dishes, adding an appetizing color and a sumptuous aroma and thus guarantees excellent results.

A small quantity of Spanish saffron powder adds a delicious taste and color to the widest range of dishes

Essential ingredient in paellas, stews, soups, rice dishes and sauces.

Spanish Saffron Powder Category I

Net Weight: 1.5g - (15 tubes of 0.100g) - Spanish Saffron Powder Category I - Produced and Packed in Spain

  • A true convenience, this individually packed saffron powder preserves the freshness of the saffron while providing a neat simplicity by having the saffron powdered and ready for use
  • Spanish Saffron is well Known for its Romantic Aroma, Lovely Flavor, and Coloring Capabilities. Spanish Saffron is Prized for its High Quality: Essential Ingredient in Spanish Food
  • All Natural and Grown Without Pesticides or Fertilizers. Saffron powder is indispensable for a great Milanese-style risotto, or for an aromatic and elegant bouillabaisse, the famous fish soup from Marseilles
  • A fragrant spice: Saffron powder is terrific in home made fish soup. Certified by ISO (International Standards Organization)
  • Produced and Packed in Spain